Horny Toad Harley-Davidson® Service Department

Horny Toad H-D Service Department

Horny Toad Harley-Davidson® provides "World Class Service" in our Service Department.

Rated in the Top Ten by Ride Texas Magazine, you'll experience the difference when you allow us to work on your motorcycle. Call Skittles, Kevin, or Derrick to schedule an appointment at 254-743-7200. We look forward to seeing you!

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Dyno Tune

The Horny Toad Service Department has a state of the art, Dyno Jet dynamometer operated by Harley-Davidson® certified and trained professionals who run the dyno and write maps for your motorcycle's performance. Our program writes the map in real-time as your bike is being run and put under load. For a minimal cost, our staff can bring your bike's performance to its peak for the options you have installed and ensured your air-fuel ratio is a close-to-optimal as it can be for the selected components you have chosen.

What brings Horny Toad Harley® to the forefront of the industry is the unique ability to allow customers to view and experience the Dyno Tune while sitting comfortably in the air-conditioned Lizzzard Lounge. Featuring 5 large screen digital televisions, customers are provided the opportunity to watch their motorcycle's being tuned, and also to see the results generated.

Call Skittles, Kevin or Derrick to schedule an appointment to have your bike Dyno Tuned at 254-743-7200.