Custom Kings

The Custom Kings - Horny Toad Harley-Davidson

The Custom Kings Street Customization Contest presents a battle among U.S. dealers to build the ultimate customized Street motorcycle. In sync with HDMC®'s efforts to redefine performance, dealers were invited to participate in a build-off and fight for the right to call themselves the first-ever U.S. Custom King Champion.

The following chronicles Horny Toad Harley-Davidson®'s quest to earn the title.

Coming June 2015

"What I envisioned for Project 15 was an ideal modern throwback with a minimalist flair. A nod to the European Cafe Racer culture and its influence on today's Young American riders while reinforcing Harley-Davidson®'s American heritage and its relentless pursuit; forward into the future."

--Mark Gamboa, Project Manager

Meet the Custom Kings team at Horny Toad H-D

Southern Metal Choppers

More than just award-winning builders, NHTSA Certified Owner & Creator Bronson Willard teams with his talented artist Kurt Mitchell, who both worked extensively to realize our nostalgic vision while adding their patriotic signature to the build.

Bronson Willard and Kurt Mitchell

2015 Street 750 - Before

2015 H-D Street 750 - Before Photo 1

2015 H-D Street 750 - Before Photo 2

2015 H-D Street 750 - Before Photo 3

The disassembly begins

2015 H-D Street 750 - Disassebly Photo 1

2015 H-D Street 750 - Disassebly Photo 2

As does the artwork process between SMC and Mark

The artwork process between SMC and Mark

"Bronson [SMC] and I had weekly conversations of what each of us thought would complement "15". In a collective moment of inspiration and resulting elation; we choose the paint and design graphics that defined our project purpose."


After Project Completion

The finished product - photo 1

The finished product - photo 2

The finished product - photo 3

The finished product - photo 4

The finished product - photo 5

The finished product - photo 6