​Why We Are The #1 Dealership In The Nation

In 1904, the first Harley-Davidson® dealership opened for business as C.H. Lang of Chicago, Illinois. Fast forward to over a century later and the Harley-Davidson® name can be seen at the top of more than 1,500 dealerships worldwide. When someone in America thinks of a motorcycle, nine out of ten times that someone will picture a Harley-Davidson® in their head. Anyone who has ever walked a street in this country has heard the unmistakable rumble of a Harley® engine singing through a set of chromed pipes as it rolls down the road, setting off car alarms with its rock n roll tune. From club riders to weekend cruisers, America loves the, “Get your motor running”, a romance that comes with riding a motorcycle. But, Americans wouldn’t be able to get their fix for freedom if there weren’t dealerships to sell the bikes.

George Lee, owner of Horny Toad Harley-Davidson® in Temple, Texas and Fort Hood Harley-Davidson® in Harker Heights, Texas, understands that buying a motorcycle means entering into a lifestyle and delivering the ultimate customer experience. As a result of delivering this experience, Horny Toad and Fort Hood have been ranked the number one Harley-Davidson® dealerships in the United States according to the 2014 Harley-Davidson® Dealership Performance Management Report. Horny Toad and Fort Hood ranked number 1 out of 10 in their district, 1 out of 79 in their market region and 1 out of 597 dealership owners nationally. As gratitude for Horny Toad and Fort Hood Harley-Davidson®’s dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, Harley-Davidson® Motor Company presented them with the prestigious Platinum Award, the highest honor that can be bestowed on a Harley-Davidson® dealer owner. This is an award that only 5 other dealerships in the nation have bragging rights to. The Platinum Award means that both Horny Toad and Fort Hood excelled in every aspect of the Harley-Davidson® business: sales, service, parts, general merchandise, and customer satisfaction.

To get an idea of the magnitude of Horny Toad and Fort Hood Harley-Davidson®’s achievement, established in 2006, in only 8 years became the number one dealerships in America. It’s also worth mentioning that these 2 dealerships have won other awards in 5 out of those 8 years. The family-owned dealerships have mastered the concept of treating customers like friends and neighbors when selling them and servicing their steel horses. Customers have responded with repeat business and continuous loyalty. Customers repeatedly state that the staff gives the pair of dealerships a “hometown feeling” when buying or servicing their American icon.

Horny Toad Harley-Davidson® is located at 7454 S. General Bruce Drive in Temple, Texas, and Fort Hood Harley-Davidson® is located at 875 W. Central Texas Expressway in Harker Heights, Texas. They pride themselves in providing the absolute best when it comes to total customer service, and now have proof on paper to show it. Life is too short to not experience it on two wheels. So when the urge to “be wild” strikes you and want to know what it means to hit the open road with no boundaries, be sure to stop by the number one Harley-Davidson® dealerships in the nation!

2014 Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield Award Winner - Circle of Distinction